Accurate Printing of Complex Objects
Our custom 3D Printers are capable of printing at very high speeds while maintaining a tolerance of +/-0.1mm (That’s the width of about 5 human hairs!)
Advanced CAD and Drafting services
Using your diagrams, illustrations, photos (including dimensions) or even hand sketches, we are able to accurately create almost any model you might require.
Not quite at the Production stage?
Our design team is here to help you at every stage of the design process! We can take the idea in your head, a sketch on a napkin or your completed 3D Design and turn it into a functional product. Our services can also include multiple iterations of a design for prototyping.
High quality 3D Printing services for the masses.
We are able to provide 3D models, prototypes and complete products at an extremely low cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods. These services are available to everyone.
We can print your 3D designs for you!
Provide us with an STL file and we can give you a quick and easy quote. If you have a different file format, we can probably convert it for you.
We need your help!
We've been busy around town catching some new friends, but some of them got loose on us! If you find something, let us know that they're safe! Call us or send an e-mail.


We offer a cheaper alternative to traditional manufacturing methods.


We take a digital design and turn it into a functional prototype in just hours.


We're here to take your idea from concept to reality. We want you to succeed!

Do you have an awesome idea?


If you have a revolutionary design that will change the face of your industry, a novel toy/game idea, or anything you want to see become a reality, carry on to Step 2..


Send us your diagrams & illustrations, photos or even a hand-drawn sketch on the back of a napkin. We can bring to life almost anything you can dream of.


Using industry-leading computer-aided design software, we can turn your plans into digital designs, ready to be produced and modified.


We will turn your newly-created 3D files into a physical object using 3D Printing technology, with detailed blueprints and/or documentation.


2D Drafting

Prints and technical drawings can be created from a 3D model or from a physical part, and delivered as a .DWG, .DXF or .PDF files.

Computational Analysis

Our advanced Solidworks simulations will allow you to visualize any operational stresses that may occur within your parts or assemblies.

3D Modeling

We can design and deliver 3D CAD models in a variety of file formats, including native file types for Solidworks and Sketchup.

Reverse Engineering

We're able to precisely replicate almost any pre-existing object, and provide you with high quality blueprints. We can also convert your 2D blueprints into 3D models.

Mechanical Systems

We can facilitate the design of complex mechanisms and assemblies for a variety of industries.

Design Review

If you would like an outside perspective on your project, Master Extruder can provide you with an unbiased, objective review - and offer suggestions on how to improve!

Master Extruder
Temiskaming Shores, ON


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