In a world where 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) is becoming the industry standard, we can ensure that your designs are future proof with our complete paper to part solution. From the initial design and visualization, to production and testing, we look after every stage of the process to take your idea from concept to reality. If you would like to talk to us about our services, please contact us!
Using your diagrams, illustrations, photos (including dimensions) or even hand sketches, we are able to accurately create almost any model you might require. Existing products can be reproduced with precision through our reverse engineering process.

High Quality Design

Our experienced designers can help you with anything you might need, whether it be conceptual design and hand sketches or completed 3D assembles with printable documentation and blueprints. Using rendering techniques we can place these 3D models in realistic environments to allow our clients to visualise their concept as a finished product. We at MASTER EXTRUDER will work with you to suit your requirements, providing high quality CAD design services at a competitive cost. Our customers range from individuals to corporations, big and small. If you have a product idea and need help turning it into reality then contact us, we’d love to hear from you!

Reverse Engineering 

With our reverse engineering process, we're able to precisely replicate almost any pre-existing object, and provide you with high quality blueprints. We can also convert your 2D blueprints into 3D models. Expensive plastic fasteners, fittings, and bushings can be quickly reproduced and manufactured at a dramatically reduced cost. Hard to find parts, or parts that are no longer available can now be reproduced locally. Your favorite items in your home or business can be customized in almost any way imaginable. Let MASTER EXTRUDER save you time and money by making prototyping more accessible.