The world of 3D printing is very "open source" and as such, thousands of designs are already out there waiting to be discovered. Many very talented creators have made their works available for free and are currently ready to be printed. We encourage you to get involved in the whole home manufacturing process, from design to creation, but there are some very valuable resources out there to get you inspired. Check out some of these sites, much of what you find is made with 3D Printing in mind.

Thingiverse - Contains thousands of models and some learning resources. Excellent site!
Pinshape - Has many free & paid designs. We almost lost them recently, show your support!

Our Stuff

Of course, MASTER EXTRUDER has some designs of its own in the works! Keep an eye out for all sorts of customizable goods, like hard & soft phone cases, keychains, accessories and lots more in the future. We can put your name or logo on just about anything you can imagine!