3D Printing Services

3d-print-hero-newDo you have a revolutionary design that will change the face of your industry? Are you a digital artist who wants to take your designs to the next level? Maybe you're a social gamer who wants to bring an extra layer of immersion and customization to your play. No matter what your need, MASTER EXTRUDER has something for you. Not quite at the 3D printing stage? Don’t worry; our design team are here to help with all stages of design and prototyping.

Over the years, 3D Printing and manufacturing technology has moved ahead by leaps and bounds. Prints have become more accurate, materials have become more robust and diverse and the equipment has become more accessible. Through these advances, we're now able to provide prototypes, models and complete products at an extremely low cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

CAD Design Services


In a world where 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) has become the industry standard, we can ensure that your designs are future proof with our complete paper to part solution. From the initial design and visualization, to production and testing, we look after every stage of the process to take your idea from concept to reality. If you would like to talk to us about our services, please contact us!

Using your diagrams, illustrations, photos (including dimensions) or even hand sketches, we are able to accurately create almost any model you might require. Existing products can be reproduced with precision through our reverse engineering process.


Simulation and Computational Analysis

stress-simulationOur simulation solutions allow every engineer, designer and dreamer to analyze the performance of their designs quickly and easily, without breaking the bank. Master Extruder employs state-of-the-art techniques to optimize the performance of your design workflow.

These capabilities enable you to cut down on costly retooling, prototype iterations and reduces development delays. This will save you time and money, and like all of our other services, are available to anyone, from individuals to businesses alike.



Other Services


In addition to our manufacturing and design services, we have other options that our clients might find useful such as 2D Drafting and computational analysis. We're able to take your completed products and create professional technical documentation and detailed, full-color manuals. Utilizing cutting-edge software, we can analyze your parts to predict operational stress and fatigue, fluid and aerodynamics, and a huge array of other physical properties.

As with all of our services, we can take you from any stage of the design process straight to completion. If you have complete CAD designs and assemblies, detailed technical illustrations, or even just a drawing on the back of a napkin, we can help you along the way to a completed product. Contact us if you have any ideas or questions.